How to Wear It: A Headwrap Tutorial

We teamed up with editor of HoneyBeNatural, I'sha Gaines, to capture this awesome head wrap pictorial. It's featured in their latest publication with a ton of amazing, and inspiring images, including the a spotlight on one of our favorite natural hair vloggers, Jasmine Winters (check her out on YouTube)!

There's some great looks mixing African prints from A Leap of Style. Want to recreate the look? Grab yourself a head wrap and give this Triple Knot Turban a try! 


Step 1: Fold the head wrap in half and place it around the back of your head. Pull the two ends forward towards your forehead

Step 2: Tie the two ends into a knot at your forehead, making sure to keep the wrap as snug as possible. Don't pull too tight though - this style is all about beauty without the pain of a bad hair day or a too tight head wrap!

Step 3: Knot the wrap two more times. Think of this as building your knots on top of one another.

Step 4: Tuck the ends into the top knot. No rhyme or reason to that step; just make sure they're not showing and voila! Instant wrap star!

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