3 Tips On How To Wear A Jumpsuit This Fall

As fall draws closer and closer you are probably having a bit of separation anxiety over having to part with your favorite summer pieces. Don't fret: here at A Leap of Style we’re here to help! Before you toss your summer duds in that suitcase in the back of the closet, make sure you can’t incorporate some items into your fall wardrobe.

Green african print off the shoulder jumpsuit by A Leap of Style

It's handled: Meet the Olivia Jumpsuit

We are in love with our Olivia Jumpsuit and not quite ready to part with it just yet, so we have created 4 fashionable looks for you to recreate this fall. It's the perfect African print jumpsuit to transition you in to fall, and the off the shoulder silhouette is still trending for this next season. Hopefully you already have the Olivia Jumpsuit (if not get one!!) and 5 other fall essentials every woman needs to survive winter. First let's take a look at each fall essential and the many, many purposes they serve as they pertain to your wardrobe.

 Off the shoulder African print jumpsuit by A Leap of Style

Fall is all about layers and accessories

The first fall must-have is the white blouse or button down. The white blouse simply goes with everything! Skirts, slacks and trousers, denim, and yes jumpsuits too. Next, is the bootie or boots. We all know that fall is boot weather. What you may not know is that you can still wear your booties with your Olivia Jumpsuit. A great bootie is nothing without a great jacket, a leather jacket that is. Which bring us to our next fall essential: the leather jacket. The leather jacket is another fall garment that pairs well with virtually anything in your wardrobe. Continuing with outerwear, the next fall must have is the trench coat. The trench coat effortlessly adds that needed style to your fall ensembles.

 African print jumpsuit styled with white button up layered, pumps, briefcase, and glasses.


We took the liberty of styling these key fall pieces with the Olivia jumpsuit, in order to give you a little inspiration. Let’s start with the white blouse. You may be thinking by this point, how can I possibly wear a white button down with an off the shoulder jumpsuit? Well, we’re all about taking leaps, so we encourage all women to take A Leap of Style and layer that jumpsuit! The important thing to remember when choosing the correct blouse is fit. Your classic white blouse shouldn’t be too loose or too tight. You will need room to move; however you don’t want too much space either. You want a layer that is just right under the jumpsuit. How you accessorize this look will make or break it. A statement necklace will play as a bridge between the shirt and jumpsuit. Because this is a very work appropriate look we choose a briefcase but you can always use any structured handbag. Finish the look with black pumps.


 Off the shoulder Olivia jumpsuit styled with a draped coat

Ok! Don’t put that button up away just yet. Fall fashion 101 is in session. Now is the perfect time to perfect fall's most important styling technique: layering. This is where your lightweight, draped trench comes in. This jumpsuit features a vibrant green African print fabric with accents of red and royal blue. Choose a coat that will compliment the accent colors. Now red may be a little too much for everyday wear however if you're more of a free spirit who enjoys color, red will work too. A more ideal color is dark blue or navy blue. This draped coat gives you plenty of room to move. We went for a lightweight crepe material to style this look. A pair of cute and comfy ballet flats will keep your toes warm this fall. Keep it simple with accessories: a watch and a gold necklace is all you need for this look. Keep it simple, not busy. A bold red lip will give you just the right amount of color also bring a little attention back to your beautiful face. After all we don’t want your Olivia Jumpsuit and your fierce styling to get all the attention!

Off the shoulder african print jumpsuit with leather jacket and booties


By now you have earned your master's degree in layering! Time to step it up, and go for the bachelor’s. This next look requires the strategic use of not one but two fall essentials, the leather jacket and the bootie. The bootie and leather jacket go together like peanut butter and jelly and are both synonymous with fall fashion. The styling possibilities are endless with these two fall must-haves. To make this look work, reach for a classic black or tan leather jacket. Find a bootie in the same color depending on which one you choose. If you have a moto jacket, don’t worry you can use that as well! For this look your white blouse is optional. For accessories try mixing textures with a soft bright red cashmere scarf. For color blocking purposes go for a royal blue handbag. To keep the look edgy, go for a dark lip color.



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