5 Ways to Wear African Print Skirts For Fall

Fall, we're coming for you!

Did you know the average woman reports wearing only about 20%-30% of her total wardrobe? The average woman also spends about $280 a month on clothing. If you total up the amount of wasted clothing for one season, that's nearly $600 of clothes going to waste, and that ain't right! And that number fluctuates dramatically as the seasons change. Hello, sweater weather! So, don't toss that ankara skirt to the back of your closet just yet, and don't hold off on getting a new one because you think African prints are best left to the summer months! This style guide will show you how to transition that midi skirt (or maxi skirt!) with 5 ways to wear an African print skirt this fall. The temps are dropping, but your style doesn't have to this season. We'll show you which pieces to pair and layer with your favorite printed skirt to maximize your wardrobe. Our bestselling Garden Midi is the star of this show! 


1. Give them body(suits)!

African print midi skirt in brown, black, yellow, and green with lace up bodysuit

Bodysuits are such great layering pieces, because they're sleek in all the right places. The fitted silhouette highlights the smallest part of your waist when tucked into a high waist when tucked into a high waist skirt. Pair a long-sleeved bodysuit with booties and your ankara skirt for a fresh fall look! 


2. Leather weather

African print skirt with leather jacket and converse sneakers from A Leap of Style

It's time to break out the jackets! Your favorite leather moto jacket adds edge to a crisp white button up shirt and your african print skirt. Keep the look playful with sneakers and get in on the athleisure trend while you're at it. Or add some polish with a classic pump. 


3. Something old, something blue

African print midi skirt from A Leap of Style with vintage tee, scarf, denim jacket, and sneakers

We love a great vintage tee! For a fun, casual look, grab that vintage concert t-shirt (Hello, Purple Rain concert tee!) and wear it under a denim jacket. Layer on a scarf as those temps drop for extra flair and warmth.


4. Layer it on

African print midi skirt from A Leap of Style with denim shirt and denim vest


This look is one of our faves! Ankara and denim is a match made in heaven AND denim on denim is a pretty close second. Tuck in a chambray top and layer on a long line denim vest. Or swap out the vest for a cardigan. The length of this layer creates a chic, fluid line. Throw on your favorite fedora for an Indiana Jones meets urban safari vibe. 


5. Mix it up

Mud cloth scarf paired with african print midi skirt from A Leap of Style


Don't be afraid to pull in new textures and prints as the season changes, like our new Mali Mud Scarf. This print is subtle and in a similar earth tone to the skirt, so it's an easy mix. If you're feeling a little more daring, ditch the denim and rock a striped button up or t-shirt. Don't forget to add a pair of our Baule Button Earrings for another texture and print. 


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