Chelsea: Just a Girl in the City, Giving Back in Style

So, who's Chelsea?

My first introduction to Chelsea Coffey came through hearing about her non-profit, Mia's Closet, where she and her team of volunteers work tirelessly to achieve their mission of building confidence and self-worth in underserved kids k-12 one outfit at a time! Chelsea is a woman of serious substance and serious style. Over at her blog The Coffey Break, you can find everything from styling tips, to devotionals, to weekly Coffey Break Chats with Chelsea and the occasional guest from her network of stylish and in-the-know friends and acquaintances. Or you can shop her curated collection of thrifted and vintage finds at The Coffey Shop. She is one woman of many hats (she's an image consultant, personal stylist, brand strategist, writer, and futurist) that we can't wait to work with more here at A Leap of Style.

Q: What does taking a leap of style, or a fashion risk, mean to you?

I love this question. We live in a society that's super visual and we're constantly being bombarded with images and quotes and opinions, so I can easily see how people could get lost in the shuffle of trying to get the "right" look. Taking a leap of style is the perfect way to express that feeling when you realize it really doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. That you should be true to you. Own your magic and shine. The people meant for you will be drawn to you, and appreciate the vibe that only you can provide. 

Q2: What inspires your personal style? 

I'm fully convinced I was born in the wrong era. The seventies simply carry me away. The fashion, the hair, the music, all of it. I'd describe my style as boho chic with an urban twist. Comfort at the core of most everything I put together, with a hint of Brenda Coffey - my mom ;-) She has fantastic style. I remember watching her get ready and take off to this event or that event with my dad and being so blown away by her. And as much as I'm sure that that the clothes played a part, she exuded the beauty and true essence of style.


We totally tried to strong arm this white blouse from Chelsea at her last pop up. She wasn't having it, we did buy an equally awesome top from her collection! Check it out here with the Hibiscus Mini Skirt.

Q3: As a stylist and image consultant, how do you suggest women incorporate bolder pieces into their wardrobe?

My immediate gut reaction was to say just go for it, but I caught myself. I'd actually recommend taking the time to understand your personal color palette and profile. Get to know your body type and the pieces best cut for your unique frame. Then, once that evaluation has been made, work in bolder pieces. Bold pieces have [the] power to take your look to the next level, and completely overpower all at once. It's all about the beautiful balance between personality and garment. Confidence is the best accessory. If the world is our runway, I'd say we have no choice but to own it. 
Peace, Love, and Sunshine ~Chelsea
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