Jackie: Keeping it mellow and bringing the fashion drama

So, who's Jackie?

Jackie Adams is the powerhouse stylist and entrepreneur behind one of Houston's premier shopping destinations, Melodrama Boutique. Jackie brings her unique twist on fashion and styling, as well as community to the Almeda Corridor. And she's done it for 13 years - no small feat in an industry that is continuously evolving and kicking fashion talent to the curb. Known for her eye for pieces that transcend trends and a space that welcomes all positive energy, Jackie has opened the doors of Melodrama to emerging designers (A Leap of Style included!), established brands, and local non-profits alike. 


Q: What does taking a leap of style, or a fashion risk mean to you? 

Jackie: Taking a leap of style or fashion risk simply means making a personal statement or [expressing] individuality with a look and not dressing for your audience but for yourself, your pleasure, and image. Too many people focus on what others think and get their look lost in translation, and it's either overstated or been done repetitively so it's not interesting.

Q: From a stylist's perspective, what's the easiest way to incorporate African prints into a woman's wardrobe?

Jackie: To incoprorate African prints into the wardrobe: simply do it! The bold prints are authentic and meaningful and easiest pulled off with skirts or a dress with solid tops! I personally love African print tops and shorts; mixing prints with florals and polka dots is fun and original....Creating looks should be about how you feel and project confidence! Own it and wear it and it shall be!! 

To hear and see more from Jackie, and shop the collections at Melodrama Boutique, visit her at 5306 Almeda, Houston, TX 77004 check her out on Instagram @melodrama13years


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