Helecia: Getting to know the style of iknowlee

So, who's Helecia?

You may know her better as iknowlee; this beauty is a powerhouse in the beauty and natural hair communities and her pics and videos can be seen all over social media and of course YouTube. Helecia's YouTube channel has over 123K subscribers and for good reason! This pint-sized vlogger packs a big personality and hilarious sense of humor that shines through all of her videos. Her channel formerly feature everything natural hair care and styling related, but she's recently ventured into more makeup and fashion tutorials and hauls. We're here for it!

Q: What does taking a leap of style, or a fashion risk, mean to you?

It means in the words of Shameless Maya to, "Do you, boo?" Taking style risks are completely contingent on your personal style. Instead of following trends, rock clothing that emphasizes your personality or mood. If you love flare pants, whether they are trending or not, wear them. I believe that taking a leap of style is dressing how you want to dress. 


Q: What do you like most about incorporating prints and/or color into your wardrobe? 

I really enjoy nudes and richer tones. I normally don't deviate from that color palette. At times I do feel the need to add something spicy to my wardrobe so that's when a pop or color or print is incorporated. It's a way of allowing myself to step outside of the box or stand out. All girls need that moment......a moment to shine!!!

Check out more from Helecia on her YouTube Channel and through her Instagram feed @iknowlee

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