Simone & Travis: For the love(r) of ankara in you

All images taken by Pharris Photos

Images courtesy of Pharris Photos

So, who are Simone & Travis?

I met Simone almost 2 years ago as I prepared to launch A Leap of Style's Kickstarter campaign. She and her twin, Sasha, are two of THE BEST makeup artists ever and definitely in Houston. Double Dutch, Inc. has a huge stamp of approval from us! Simone and her fiancé, Travis, are such a beautiful couple - you can tell they are having a blast doing life together, and that is an awesome foundation for marriage, right? Simone and Travis chose to wear A Leap of Style for their cultural engagement photos, shot by Kariss of Phariss Photos, and the results were stunning! In honor of them and of Valentine's Day, I wanted to share their real take on A Leap of Style and African print fashion. 


Simone pictured in the Von Me Dress

Q: What does taking a leap of style, or a fashion risk, mean to you? 

In my opinion, taking a leap of style or fashion risk means wearing something you really like and not caring who else likes it because I'm the only one who really has to enjoy it! Often times, I think people put themselves in a box when it comes to how they dress. You don't always have to "fit" a category of style. On any given day, I may want to be edgy, classic, eccentric, or boho chic; that's totally up to me. 

Q: You wore A Leap of Style for your engagement photos. What made you choose the brand for such a special shoot? 

There was no other choice! My dad is from Nigeria and my mother is from the states, and I am an embodiment of the two of them. My father surprisingly has a very classic and expensive style, my mother has the Afrocentric style. A Leap of Style gives the best of both worlds, classic and quality construction with that African flare that I LIVE for! Another one of my favorite qualities of the brand, is the versatility of the clothing. You can take these statement pieces and they can be dressed up or down. Each piece has endless possibilities!


Travis pictured in the Ade Drawstring Pants

Q: What is your favorite type of clothing to see Simone wearing and why?

My favorite type of clothing to see Simone wearing, I would have to say would be any thing in tribal print. First, let me say that when I see such a beautiful woman in such exquisite garments, I think, WOW this is my Nigerian queen. The A Leap of Style pieces that were created for our engagement shoot, not only looked great on her, but match her incredible style. The Ankara style dress not only accentuated her curves, but also gave her a bold look that was [worthy] to be published in a magazine. This look exemplifies her confidence, boldness and sophistication she exhibits not only with her style but also in her day-to-day life. It’s the perfect combination!!!

Q: What's your take on the African-inspired fashion movement?

I could definitely go on and on about this topic, but my take is that I love it! This movement embodies the strength and pride of the Afro-American people and our history. It says that we know our roots and we will continue to embrace our culture when mainstream society wants to place our style in a box. It is a movement that speaks volumes of its own.

We love, love and we love this couple! Congrats to them and Happy Valentine's Day to you all! XOXO

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