Vanessa: A big voice, big style, and 8 Von Me Dresses

So, who's Vanessa?

Vanessa Hill, also known as "the girl" of Christian soul group, SoulFruit. A vocal powerhouse and choreographic genius in her own right, the woman knows how to bring down the house! She does it all in the classic fit and flare silhouette - check out her responses to the important questions below!

Q: What does taking a leap of style, or a fashion risk mean to you? 

Vanessa: Being a Christian music artist, part of my ministry is my modesty. Fashion allows me to be creative inside of that. Most people see modesty as a boundary, but I see it as a canvas where you can paint all kinds of beautiful things. Most people whether they admit it or not will judge on how you look. Taking a fashion risk to me is allowing my clothes to reflect how I feel on the inside: vibrant and full of life! Wearing A Leap of Style is really just an extension of how I feel on the inside.

Q: What's your favorite piece from A Leap of Style and why?

Vanessa: Anyone who knows me knows I love swing dresses and feminine silhouettes. A silhouette can make or break you. My favorite piece is the Von Me Dress. I actually have 8 of them. I counted. I have 8. You might be saying to yourself thats a little excessive, but the beautiful thing about them is this: no matter what print they're in, even though it's the same frame, each dress does something different for me.

It just fits me well. I love the way it fits. I love how it makes me feel feminine. I love how it covers me, but it doesn't make me feel like I'm walking around in a sheet. It makes me feel very feminine, but still in the confines of what I represent, because I represent Christ. And it makes me feel fancy. I like to feel fancy. 


To hear and see more from Vanessa, check her out on Instagram (@nessahillh) and on her group's page!



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